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There are more options for whisky lovers than ever, many of them truly excellent. Whisky Advocate’s Buying Guide features over 5,000 whisky reviews—it's the go-to source for the latest reviews from our expert panel of veteran tasters. Using a 100-point scale, we bring you ratings and tasting impressions on thousands of whiskies from across the whisky world. Of course, the best way to learn about whiskies is to taste them for yourself and draw your own conclusions, and with the benefit of our expert tasters you’ll be on the right path to making smarter buying decisions and discovering the world’s most enjoyable whiskies.


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WhiskyFest™, the leading whisky festival in North America with annual events in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco, offers you the opportunity to taste from a selection of hundreds of whiskies from around the world. Meet the whisky distillers, master blenders, and other whisky experts who will be in attendance. Attend free seminars conducted by whisky experts.

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Summer 2022: Great Escapes for Whisky Lovers

Whisky Advocate magazine is America’s leading spirits publication. Since its inception over 25 years ago, it has been the premier source for information, education, and entertainment for whisky enthusiasts. Whisky Advocate also sponsors WhiskyFest™, the country’s largest and most respected whisky tasting event. The Spring 2022 issue is on newsstands now.

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Summer 2022: Great Escapes for Whisky Lovers