Using "Conditioning" To Improve Your Fitness

Cardio or "conditioning" as we coaches like to call it is a very powerful for fat loss when used in the right way at the right time. 

Conditioning at the end of your workout is the most effective way to burn fat, especially after weight training. The weight training mobilises fat and the conditioning helps to flush it out if the system. 

If you are pressed for time and looking for an effective "finisher" to add in at the end of your workout or even something on its own. Try one of the following.

Things To Know About Conditioning

The Basics

Work: Rest ratio

Beginner 1:3
For example- 15 seconds work/ 45 seconds rest

Intermediate 1:2
For example- 15 seconds work/ 30 seconds rest

Advanced 1:1
For example- 15 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest

Hardcore 2:1 (Tabata)
For example- 20 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest


3 Viable Options

X trainer
Aim to hit a max speed and maintain it each time if possible

Beginner- 15 second sprint/ 45 seconds slow x 6

Intermediate- 15 second sprint/ 30 seconds slow x 8

Advanced- 15 second sprint/ 15 secnd slow x 10

Rowing Machine
Aim for distance as you are more likely to work harder to get it done. Working for a time is easier to cruise.

Beginner- 100m sprint/ rest 60 seconds x 4

Intermediate- 150m sprint/ rest 45 seconds x 5

Advanced- 200m sprint/ rest 30 seconds x 6

Bodyweight Circuit

Beginner- TRX supported squat 15, TRX Row 15, Bear Crawl 4m x 2. Rest 90 and repeat 3 times.

Intermediate- Body weight squat 15, Inverted TRX row 10, Weighted bear crawl 4m x 2. Rest 60 and repeat 3 times.

Advanced- DB Goblet squat 15, DB bent over row 10, Burpees 10, Rest 30 and repeat 4 times.

Yours In Health

Patrick Fallis

Founder of Leaner