Leaner is...

A personal training service designed to help busy men and women become fitter, healthier and happier. 

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Hi , my name is Patrick Fallis. I founded and developed Leaner to become a personal training service that specializes in catering for the needs of busy men and women.

I have been coaching clients for 10 years and found that most of them had very similar issues. They struggled to fit exercise into their schedules, knew enough about nutrition, but couldn't apply it to themselves in a sustainable way and struggled to manage their stress levels. 

Through years of experience working with hundreds of clients and investing heavily in education I have developed a more balanced and accommodating approach to coaching. The key concepts for this approach revolve around creating an EXERCISE PROGRAM that is fun, NUTRITION coaching that is sustainable and LIFESTYLE coaching that makes a crazy schedule more manageable.





Precision Nutrition Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 2

Phil Learney- Advanced Nutrition Strategies + Real World Fat Loss Seminars

Biosignature Level 1

PICP Level 3 Nutrition Module


Exercise Coaching For The General Population

Reps Level 3: European Institute Of Fitness Master Trainer (Qualified 2008, Javea, Spain)

Alwyn And Rachel Cosgrove Mentorship + Program Design

Mike Boyle- Functional Strength Coach 5

Mike Boyle- Functional Strength Coach 6

Mike Boyle- Complete Core


Movement And Postural Assessment

FMS Level 1

FMS Level 2

AIM Level 1

AIM Level 2


Strength And Conditioning For Sports

Mike Boyle- Complete Youth Training

Mike Boyle- Complete Sports Conditioning

PICP Level 1

PICP Level 2

PICP Level 3

Optimal Life Fitness- Olympic Lifting

Optimal Life Fitness- Extreme Kettlebell Instructor

Optimal Life Fitness- Advanced Extreme Kettlebell Instructor



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