Enjoy Yourself

Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. This can also be both an immensely stressful and exciting time of year. 


With this newsletter, I simply want to wish a happy time to you, and your friends and family.


Please do 

  • Enjoy drinking wine 
  • Have a beer
  • Thave the mince pies
  • have the extra bit of dessert
  • Have a lie in
  • Relax 

Please Don't

  • Feel guilty
  • Worry about all the weight you might put on
  • Make a crazy diet and fitness regime for the start of the new year
  • Punish yourself through restriction or trying to be disciplined

Have a wonderful holiday and treat yourself. You probably deserve it more than you realise.

Yours in health

Patrick Fallis

PS Here are some amazing recipes for you to try this Xmas from Precision Nutrition. Enjoy!

Founder of Leaner