Fresh Fitness Food Review

My experiences from my 30-day trial. For disclosure, I paid for the service and they had no idea I was going to write this review. Neither did I until yesterday :-). 


  • Efficient easy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Saved so much time
  • Considerable cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time
  • Very tasty when heated up
  • Minimal washing up
  • I enjoyed the variety
  • 3 meals a day allowed me to eat out with friends in the evening
  • 5 days a week kept a solid routine for me and allowed me more flexibility at the weekend


  • I didn't always feel like an omelette or protein pancake at breakfast
  • I did worry about my food box getting stolen 
  • Some meals had substantially lower calorie counts than others which sometimes left me feeling hungry
  • When food was cold it tasted nowhere near as good as heated up food


Who Is It For

  • Time poor people that want to lose weight
  • Time poor people that want to save time
  • People who struggle to have the right foods available for them when they need it
  • People who are poor cooks
  • Anyone who is happy to outsource thinking about how to eat more healthily and have most of the work done for you

Who Is It Not For

  • People who are very picky with food
  • People who like food choice
  • People who love cooking
  • If you eat out all the time and are a social animal, this may no work that well


  • Saves you huge amounts of time
  • No more washing up
  • No more cooking
  • Saves mental energy by providing a menu you just eat rather than having to think about  what you are going to eat
  • Gives you a guaranteed amount of calories without you having to do it
  • Good variety of foods (we usually have only 12 food sources and cycle variants of this

What Could Be Better?

On one occasion, my food was delivered to an old address in my neighbourhood. Although I was able to go and retrieve the food, there was no compensation offered for the mistake and this did happen again the following day after I contacted Fresh Fitness Food. I have been very impressed with their service, but this was the only mistake that I had to mark them down for. 

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, very much so. I have in fact signed up for 100 days which was also substantially cheaper than my 30-day trial. Fresh fitness food will even pause your deliveries for when you go on holiday.

When I did have any issues with food being taken (which only happened for the first time today, I received an email within 3 hours with several suggestions as to how to stop this happening and offering further help. Although I didn't get a refund they were still very helpful. 

Overall Rating?



I would have scored 5/5 had the delivery address mistake been compensated for on the first and second day. 

Yours In Health

Patrick Fallis

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For any current clients of Leaner, contact me directly where I have a treat for you. 

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