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NT242半導體泵浦納秒可調諧激光器 技術參數: 波長調諧范圍:420-2300nm,可紫外擴展為210nm-419nm。 重頻1000Hz 波長掃描步長:信號光(420-710):<0.1nm 閑置光(711-2300nm):<1nm="" 紫外擴展(210-419nm):<0.1nm="" 可使用lab="" view,="" rs232與pc機連接控制,可遙控,可通過控制面板控制="" <="" div="">

am8亚美平台免费下载    FEATURES:

● Integrates DPSS pump laser and OPO into a single housing 

am8亚美平台免费下载 ● Hands- free, no-gap wavelength tuning from 210 to 2600 nm 

am8亚美平台免费下载 ● Unprecendented 1000 Hz pulse repetition rate 

● More than 40 μJ output pulse energy in UV ● Less than 5 cm-1 linewidth 

● 3-6 ns pulse duration 

● Remote control pad

am8亚美平台免费下载 ● PC control via USB port (RS232 is optional) and LabVIEW? drivers 

● Separate output for the OPO pump beam (355 nm)

 NT242 series lasers produce pulses at an unprecedented 1 kHz pulse repetition rate, tunable over a broad spectral range. Integrated into a single compact housing, the diode pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and OPO offers hands-free, no-gap tuning from 210 to 2600 nm. With its 1000 Hz repetition rate, the NT242 series laser establishes itself as a versatile tool for many laboratory applications, including laser induced fluorescence, flash photolysis, photobiology, metrology, remote sensing, etc. NT242 series systems can be controlled from a user-friendly remote control pad or/and a computer using supplied LabVIEW? drivers. The control pad allows easy control of all parameters and features on a backlit display that is easy to read even with laser safety eyewear. Thanks to a DPSS pump source, the laser requires little maintenance. It is cooled by a stand alone chiller, which further reduces running costs. A built-in OPO pump energy monitor allows monitoring of pump laser performance without the use of external power meters. A standard feature includes a separate output port for the 355 nm pump beam.

am8亚美平台免费下载   APPLICATIONS:

● Laser-induced fluorescence 

● Flash photolysis 

● Photobiology 

am8亚美平台免费下载 ● Remote sensing 

● Metrology 

● Non-linear spectroscopy 

am8亚美平台免费下载 ● Other laser spectroscopy applications

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