Don Roberts, Chairman, Experian

I have been seeing Pat 2-3 times per week for the past twelve months. I've worked with many trainers over the years, but this is the first time I have stayed with a fitness regime consistently and faithfully; I actually look forward to going to the gym!  I've lost weight, become stronger, more flexible, and have better balance now.

I had a specific goal of getting in better shape for the ski season, and Pat designed a great plan for me which worked beautifully. For the first time in years I skied aggressively and without muscle pain from my first day on the slopes.

Pat is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful fitness professional. He takes a holistic approach to working with his clients, and cares deeply about their success. I highly recommend him!

Roland Rudd, Chairman, RLM Finsbury, Chairman Business for New Europe

I wanted to be trained by Pat because I had heard he was an inspirational fitness coach, who could take you to new levels of capability. He did not disappoint. Pat is an excellent coach who pushed my fitness levels in an enjoyable way, not only did I become fitter but I felt better for it. I would hugely recommend him.


Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Patrick has a great combination of knowledge and enthusiasm. He keeps his knowledge up-to-date, works hard to create a programme around your needs, and his unswerving confidence means you push yourself as hard as you want. An excellent professional.


Michael Lansdell (Managing Director of Lansdell and Rose)

Hello Patrick. Seeing those old photographs yesterday of myself really moved me, a lot. No muscle, loads of body fat, poor posture. And I cannot tell you how thankful and grateful I am to you for what you have done for me and how you have changed my life. And that you have been so patient with me despite the fact that in so many ways, I am still a beginner. And for being mindful of my osteoporosis and tendency towards injury, how you have been so careful with me and kept me safe and injury free.

In addition to being a very special person, you are also a very special trainer, with great technical skills and a genuine interest in your profession and the outcome of your work. And I want to say to you, thank you, thank you, thank you, forever thank you.


Robert Habib, CEO of MiNA Therapeutics 

What problem were you having that made you want to contact Leaner? Chronic lower back pain, lack of progress in yoga, curved upper back, tense shoulders.

What had you tried before? Alexander Technique, Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Shaw Method (swimming).

Why did you decide to train with Leaner in particular? I bumped into Patrick after a several years and he suggested I give it a try.

What problem did we help you solve? Lack of mobility.

Are you happy with your experience and why? The sessions I have with Patrick are very focused at addressing my biggest weaknesses. We see progress month on month as I use my body more efficiently. Patrick pushes me to get the most out of each session, but in a safe manner with attention on good form. Just as much thought is put into what I'm when outside the gym such as nutrition, rest and complementary exercise.

Would you recommend us to others? I recommend Leaner to anyone who wants to move an feel better.


Sita Kolossa (Founder Nordbridge Group)


I am training with Pat on a one-to-one session basis three times a week and have been his client for the past two years. Pat has a great way of making you look good and feel great at the same time. His training methods provide the tools for me to achieve this. Pat is and has been guiding me through my diet and lifestyle choices from day one. 

We have been working hard to increase my fitness level, my physique, tone up, build muscle and increase my energy levels overall. I am very committed to my training as I just love being fit. Due to his high quality training, Pat has been able to keep both my body and mind challenged in both a variety of ways. Committed to his client needs, Pat has a great team in place. I am also training once a week with Sophie who has been very dedicated in teaching me the essence of yoga. I cannot thank Pat enough for everything he has done so far! 


Edmonie Lindsey (Managing Director, London Office, Treasury Strategies, Inc.)

edmonie lindsey profile.jpg

I like many things about Patrick's approach. 

His holistic and thoughtful approach – His training program and individual sessions incorporate a solid understanding of current work / life balance, nutrition, sleep, injuries, and goals

His very evident wealth of knowledge from his years of training as an athlete,  the many programs he has completed toadd to his training skills and his clearly innate / intuitive understanding of what is best for you

Patrick has a positive attitude and encouraging / esteeming approach. After several very stressful years of transatlantic commuting for work and then a move to London, my workouts with Patrick have helped me regain a sense of strength and grounding and optimism

He has helped shift the way I think about training – away from the need for long arduous hours to see / experience results to smart, targeted weights and interval training

I leave every session feeling stronger, happier, more motivated and as if I have gotten far more than my money's worth

I think regaining my sense of strength and physical grounding is one of my best achievements with Patrick

Also working through several injuries (shoulder and knee) in a smarter way than in the past, that has left me with a greater awareness of how the injuries occurred and how to prevent their recurrence

I cannot recommend Patrick highly enough to any athlete who wants to advance their training – whether a novice learning your way or an experienced athlete looking for aprogram to enhance your performance and/or training for a specific event.  I have worked with many trainers over the years and consider Patrick the best of the best.  It is a privilege to train with him.


Nagy Habib, Professor of Surgery

I have been training with Patrick for about a year.  I like his training style, lots of encouragement, no drama, and an ever changing variety of exercises, so boredom doesn’t set in. I also like Patrick the person, he is intelligent, thoughtful and professional and you feel that he is on your side.  But more importantly, he has worked his magic on my fitness level that I know I could not have achieved on my own.


Ahmad Al Shehab (VP Equities Americas at the Kuwait Investment Office)

IMG_3897 (1).JPG

Patrick has helped me recover from a shoulder injury that was bothering me for a while. He is very knowledgeable in different rehab techniques and always strives to develop his knowledge through studying and taking courses. Patrick’s exercises are creative and different which made the experience of training with him never boring. After a few months of training with Patrick, i have definitely noticed a considerable improvement in my overall fitness level and body toning, and most importantly a much stronger shoulder.


Malin Posern

I have always been a very keen athlete having been a member of the Champion Swedish Floor ball team, and pride myself on training harder than anyone. I am very particular about who I train with and have high expectations.

I was delighted with Patrick's analytical approach. Once we had decided on what I wanted to achieve he came up with a well thought out schedule for me to follow, with him as well as on my own, covering the key pillars of optimal training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Priding myself on my competitive nature and being the best I can, Patrick had a difficult task of convincing me to spend less time working and a little more time on "me" but little by little he won me over – starting with me taking the time to have a proper breakfast in the morning. The training was extremely tough, but Pat knew just how hard to push me without going over the top, and I left every session feeling great.

I was always struggling for time, but the more consistently I trained with Patrick, the better I became at planning my training around work. My fitness levels improved leaps and bounds and I was stronger than I have been in a long time. It was also great to learn about why we were doing things, which I can take with me into any training that I do in future.

Having done the same type of training for many years (running, group classes, gym) and always struggling to find the time I was slowly starting to get bored. With Patrick I was constantly getting challenged (which I love) by someone with high standards, and it really 


Greg Chasta in (Voices of Hope Inc. Founder/President)

Greg chastain Testimonial profile picture.jpg

I started training with Patrick in April of 2010.  Since that time I have not only lost nearly 40 pounds but have increased my strength two-fold.  Patrick has been able to get this 49 year old body feeling young again and doing things athletically that I have didn’t think were possible again. 

Patrick is great to work with.  Before you even start he discusses your goals, your current life style and history of training to ensure that you receive the best possible routine to fit your goals.  He also discusses your diet and helps you choose a healthy pattern of eating that will complement the exercise routine that he creates for you.

Once you start your routine Patrick will explain every detail of what he is teaching and tells you why he is choosing a particular exercise for you. He will demonstrate each apparatus as well as each non-apparatus routine to ensure you are working properly and getting the full benefit of the exercise. 

Patrick has changed my life since I have started working with him.  I am a diabetic and my doctor has been after me for years to lose weight.  I have tried on my own for years with zero results.  Patrick was able to achieve in just 6 months what I had been trying to do for several years. 

My doctor is ecstatic with my weight and I will soon be able to reduce my medication.  I have also dropped from a 44 waist to a 38 and my suit size reduced from a 54 to a 48.  I cannot thank Patrick enough for getting me on the path to health!


Ben Cox (Managing Director, Central Illustration Agency)

The key difference between Patrick and other trainers I've encountered is the extremely analytical and thoroughly bespoke nature to his approach. As a new client an initial meeting included an in depth assessment of my lifestyle, sleeping patterns and dietary habits as well as a postural check to establish any structural flaws that needed care and correction.

This solid groundwork enabled Pat to create a unique long term program which would gradually prove to sort out my postural problems as well as building strength around my core and thighs, essentially forming a solid foundation for training the rest of my body in a safe and effective manner.

An intelligent and creative approach to training including the regular introduction of new exercises embracing diverse techniques has kept the routine varied and interesting as well as considerably cutting my body fat percentage and providing significant gains in lean mass. Weight training is hard work, it's essential to know you're doing it methodically and in a manner that's right for you that’s the reassurance Pat has brought to the bench.


Norma Miller (Artist)

A close friend, who is looking better than ever, kept telling me about his “amazing” trainer, so I finally contacted Patrick. 

Over the years, I have had personal trainers, so thought I knew what to expect;  but my experience with Patrick is in a class of its own.  Not only is the actual training amazing,  but Patrick integrates it with life-style and nutrition. 

In a word, I feel as though I am becoming really ‘strong’. I am prone to lower back problems, and am amazed that I can do the exercises I am doing and feel so good afterwards. In fact, my back has never felt better and I have an overall sense of feeling healthier. 

I have never worked so hard while enjoying it! I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick, but only to my friends!


Ed Smith (England Test Player, Kent, Middlesex, Writer for the Times)

When I retired as a professional cricketer, I wasn't sure I'd ever do any proper physical training again.

However, I found I worked better as a writer when I felt physically healthy and fit. I signed up with Patrick Fallis and he introduced me to lots of new training methods. Alongside helping me to feel sharper, I also enjoyed Patrick's sessions. He is a great person to help you to achieve a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


Sonya Titus (Singer/ Songwriter)

I trained with Pat because he lives what he preaches. He is a perfect example of his own advice which is always key in choosing a personal trainer in my opinion. I am already quite physically fit and have a solid knowledge of nutrition and exercise, but wanted to learn some new, inspiring exercises and more poignantly, combinations of exercises that would be effective at burning fat without spending hours at the gym. This is what my workouts were starting to develop into and I felt I needed the right guidance from someone who was as knowledgeable as Pat.

Pat’s workouts got my heart rate right up and sweating hard for an intense 45 minutes and I always walked out of his sessions feeling so great. He structured the hour so I never walked out of the studio dreading the next session, but rather very much looked forward to it!

From my experience, a lot of trainers make the mistake of not pushing you enough or pushing way too hard. Pat has a talent for knowing what your limits are and pushing you just beyond them, which in turn, makes you leave the session feeling accomplished and inspired to see what other self-limitations you may surpass the next time!

He has a great combination of positive encouragement and authority which always makes you do your best. Pat made me feel safe in his hands and extremely well looked after from the minute I walked in to the minute I left.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Dan Moss (Radio 1/ 1 Xtra Producer)

Dan Moss Profile.jpeg

For some time, I had been increasingly unsure as to how to structure any kind of effective workout regime around my busy and fluctuating job hours, which had been detrimental to my fitness and eating habits.

Ultimately, my aim was to kick-start weight-loss, muscle growth and to get the tools to continue implementing these ideas in my own time.

As a result I underwent an intensive month of coaching to absorb new behaviors including numerous sessions with Pat over five weeks.

For the first time in a long time, I felt I had a good handle on exactly what I needed to do to see the results I wanted. Pat was great at understanding my goals and limitations, but also unafraid to tell it how it is!

While I worked directly with Pat, his encouragement, humour and professionalism made a tough workout much easier, and away during the rest of the week at the gym and at home, I was able to put a testing but doable regime into practice.

My initial results after a month – and beyond – showed great improvement, which I have been really pleased with, but more importantly I had developed the confidence to embark on regular exercise with confidence in what I was doing.

I still have Pat’s recommended weights regime handy in pocket-size form for my regular trips to the gym!

I would absolutely recommend Patrick – there are so many unreliable fads and conflicting sources of information on the internet; I really think that Pat and his training offers authoritative and realistic guidance that factors in your particularly lifestyle and habits. Good luck! 


David Webb - Opera Singer/ Fitness Blogger 

I started training with Pat because he is someone whose own work rate and commitment to workouts are something I have been aware of and in awe of for a number of years and I realised that I needed to learn more about what he was doing. 

Pat is someone who can talk to anyone and he takes an interest in your life, drawing upon imagery and metaphor from your life to help you in workouts and beyond.

Physically I dropped around 7% body fat and put on 5kg of lean muscle. But in the greater scheme of life I learnt psychological lessons which are invaluable to me. I learnt about putting myself in a situation which would test me and come out of it standing. 

I would absolutely recommend Patrick, no doubt about it. 

David Webb Before at 69.5 kg Lean muscle and 25.1% body fat

David Webb Before at 69.5 kg Lean muscle and 25.1% body fat

Matt Roper- Events Marketing Manager

I had been training on my own for a good 5 years and was disappointed with the results i was achieving. I met Patrick and booked a block of 10 sessions to give PT a go around 5 years ago. I had only planned to do 10 sessions but 5 years later ended up still training with him 3 times a week.

Patrick's attention to detail and knowledge was outstanding. I had spent a good few years thinking that drinking, smoking and working hard all went together well. I kidded myself that If i put in 2 hours a week in the gym and a spin class every so often i would still get fit and loose the old love handles. 

After a few home truths and a set of calipers. Patrick took a full fat analysis of me.  On production of a very depressing reality check on my true fat % and a photograph of my body this fueled me to listen to what he had to say.. 

It wasn't easy at times, and Patrick put up with a whole spectrum of different personalities and moods i showed him. All the time he talked through the exercises and programs and would change something at the last minute and rewrite the program if i really didn't want to do something. 

The results did start to show quickly and this fueled me to listen to him and want to achieve more...

I am naturally a competitive guy. If Patrick said i couldn't do something he kinda knew I would do it.. Patrick new he couldn't change my lifestyle so our training was designed to fit within it and still give me the results I wanted..   I managed to get my body fat % down  and build muscle and for the first time get definition in my body.. 

I still drink and hate to say i smoke and know I could be in a amazing shape if i calmed this down but the results I have achieved training with Patrick without making any major sacrifices are amazing.

I would highly recommend Patrick without out a doubt.

Matt Roper Before.JPG

Pedro Sant’anna- International Student

I’ve known Patrick Fallis for a few years now. And he has become a role model for me when it comes to health and fitness. I had been going to the gym for many years, really pushing myself, but I had never really achieved the results I felt I deserved for my efforts. I needed some guidance.

This is where I was fortunate to have Pat around.

Patrick’s significant depth of knowledge on training and nutrition really impressed me and it was clear that I could trust him to get me the results I was after. Although Patrick is a very likable person, with such a great energy, he is not a soft trainer. 

I will never forget how tough that first session was, but it was a reality check for the intensity I needed to work at for real results. What I liked the most about training with Patrick is his strong interest in getting you results and using his experience to tailor the approach for you.

Patrick was extremely persistent to keep me motivated, day in and day out throughout the program, I’ve managed to achieve the greatest fitness levels and best shape I have ever had in my life. I managed to lose 6% body fat and put on 4kg of muscle in just 6 weeks!

I would highly recommend Patrick as the results I achieved exceeded my expectations and I have gained not only a great wealth of knowledge but also a friend.

I phone pics 001.JPG


Henley Spiers (Diving Instructor and Kensington Resident)


I’ve been working out with a few different personal trainers over the last 7 years and have to say that Pat is at the very top of his game. His expertise in the world of fitness and nutrition is very impressive. His desire to keep learning and ability to role model what he teaches are also great assets. Most of all, I believe that Pat’s greatest strength is his ability to push you far beyond the pain and performance barriers you would set for yourself. The greatest reason for working with a personal trainer is to push your performance beyond what you could achieve alone, and this is where Pat excels.


Melissa Harridge, Senior Graphic Designer for Alice Temperley

What problem were you having that made you want to contact Leaner?
As I have a naturally slim and petitie frame, I was quite keen to increase the muscle mass in my lower body to create a little more shape and strength, particularly in my calves and lower leg.
What had you tried before?
There are numerous websites and blogs that offer suggestions as to how to increase muscle mass which I had tried to follow however with contradictory advise and the uncertainty of whether these suggestions are suitable for my body type, I found it difficult to fully commit and therefore failed in producing satisfactory results.
Why did you contact Leaner in particular?
After several conversations with numerous personal trainers about how I could improve the general shape of my legs and increase muscle mass, I felt that a lot of the suggestions were slightly overwhelming and unrealistic. I came across Leaner, after one discussion with Patrick I felt comfortable enough with his approach to training and felt confident he understood my goals.
What problem did we help you solve?
I didn't think it was possible to increase the muscle mass after several failed attempts, certainly not in such a short period of time. 
Leaner created a programme I felt comfortable with and also offered nutritional guidance to ensure I was getting the most out of my work out.

Were you happy with your experience and why?
I am incredibly pleased with my experience, not only have I seen results, I have now also gained the confidence to continue working out knowing that the programme is bespoke and caters to my needs based on my body type.
Would you recommend us to others?


Vesna Godart (Founder of www.Britishgoverness.com

I used to be a very high level gymnast and as I got older I wanted to get fit again and lose weight. I have always been extremely competitive and have exceedingly high standards. This means I can be very hard to please and I am picky with whom I choose.

I was impressed after contacting Patrick and having a consultation with him. The whole process was very thorough and he seemed to understand all of the challenges I had as well as the lofty goals I wanted to achieve. Patrick was very personable, trained me very hard, but I always felt he was on my side! He knew just how hard to push me.

I really enjoyed the ongoing support, high intensity workout, tips for dietary requirements.

Since training with Pat I have lost the weight I wanted, I feel more energetic, I sleep much better and with Patrick’s coaching managed to re organise my daily tasks in a more efficient way. I run my own business which is very intense and time consuming, so I was very impressed with Pat being able to help me create a more efficient work life balance whilst fitting in several sessions of intense training a week!

I would highly recommend training with Pat, I have realised that one to one training is much more efficient and it does give you great results if you are willing to put the work in.


Marc Fetiveau (Property developer)

Training with Pat makes the horrors of getting fit fun. Since February when I started my physique had improved leaps and bounds. He also gives excellent advice about lifestyle which has also been very beneficial.


Andrea Woolcock (Finance Sector)

I was recommended to Patrick after a long bout of illness. Having always been a very active person, it was difficult to be so out of shape and lacking in energy. Over a short period of time Patrick’s training programme has not only allowed me to regain my pre-illness fitness.

 I now feel that I am in better shape and have loads more energy than ever before (I can now take 30kms+ hikes quite literally in my stride). It is very easy for me to get bored when I am training but Patrick is a good motivator and pushes me beyond what I thought I could do with only a little bit of whinging on my side!

 Patrick also provides very useful advice in regards to diet and supplements, which is especially helpful given that I am vegan. Training with Patrick is definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable part of my week. 


Rory Rudd (Student)

I started training with Pat as I wanted mainly to improve my upper body strength which I had hardly done any training on before and my mother had already been training with Pat and recommended him to me.

I enjoyed the experience as firstly I quickly improved my upper body strength and I received constant feedback about my progress and how certain parts of my body were stronger than others and how I could improve in the weaker areas.

I achieved a big improvement in my strength as well as my overall fitness from training with Pat as well as a greater knowledge about how to train different parts of my body myself. I started out not being able to do any chin-ups at all to being able to do6 repetitions with 30kg strapped to me!

I would definitely recommend being trained by Pat. He is highly motivated and knowledgeable as well as being a very personable and nice guy to be trained by.


Toby Botha (Owner of Hair space, W8)

I started training with Patrick when I upped my training from three to four times a week. I like the fact that Patrick gets the most out of me when I train. He keeps me motivated and explains in an easy to understand way what and why we are doing specific exercises.

Patrick also has a vast knowledge when it comes to nutrition and supplementation, and he has personally helped me get on the right track with both nutrition and supplementation to one part of my goal,  which is  getting leaner.

Although I'm still a work in progress, I definitely feel a lot stronger, leaner, fitter, more confident and happier and would  totally recommend anybody that feel they need help and direction regarding fitness, nutrition and becoming leaner to trust Patrick with their needs.



Having been a regular at the gym for many years I had reached a plateau - my training was going nowhere and I was bored. Over the past year Patrick has pushed me to the next level - now I'm lifting proper grown up weights.

He is very patient and also focused. I always feel he is giving me his 100 per cent attention which is important, and I know he gives all his clients the same respect, whatever their ability.

My goal is to build muscle and he has consistently come up with new ways to challenge me and keep training entertaining beyond the usual boring squats, curls and presses (although he does pay heed to the classics as well as the new-fangled stuff).

Patrick isn't bossy or shouty - he won’t do the work for you - but every session we do together I work harder than I ever could alone, and leave with a big grin on my face, which is exactly the point.