The 4 Best Warm Up Exercises You Will Ever Need

Let's be honest, warming up before exercising can be a real pain in the arse. What do I actually need to do? Is it really that beneficial? Isn't this going to take up valuable workout time?

Here are 4 of the best warm up exercises I have learned, use myself and apply to my clients in their workouts.

Spider-Man Lunge With Twist

Roll And Reach

Yoga Push Up/ Judo Push Up

Thoracic bridge (your new best move for the dancefloor)

Try each of these for 10 reps each or 8 reps per side and see how much more mobile you feel after just one set. If you are a frequent traveller and do many long haul flights or sit at a desk for long hours, this could be a game changer for you. 

Yours In Health

Patrick Fallis

Founder of Leaner